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Dictionary deconstruction for positivity

August 2, 2015

Liars in politics are destroying our dictionary. It is no surprise that the worst liars are (“Who me?”) lawyers in politics. Deconstruction for positivity is the improvement offered in torrent of propaganda.

Slick Willy set back communication decades by demanding we accept his understanding of what IS is? His impeachment was on lying and fuming that he never had any sexual relations with a young lady visiting the White House. That cheap lying president never even tried to bribe her for her silence? Part of the lunacy was explaining he was never alone with Monica in the White House, even when he was alone with her. What do you mean by alone?

President George H. Bush promised USA; “Read my lips! No new taxes!” That was inspiring to us voters. Of course, he did raise taxes to make Democrats happy in Congress. That whopper got Clinton elected.

Granny Nancy Pelosi when Speaker of the House reassured us nervous voters that they have to pass the Affordable Care Act before they read the law. Our current president reassured us illiterate common folk not to worry. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan!’ Of course, the law forced insurance companies to cancel millions of plans that did not offer mandatory services of abortion and colon cleansing. I thought it was hysterical that he mumbled some nonsense that he regrets there was confusion by us illiterate dumb folks on his promise on keeping our insurance.

The Tower of Babel was to be the supreme achievement of mankind. This project would rival the greatest natural wonders from our Creator. We are witnessing the mass confusion of deceptive dialogue in Washington D.C. under this lawyer president who cannot practice law.

Democrats have done a lot of damage to the dictionary. “Investment” means more taxes for federal spending. Evil Republicans were terrorists holding the country hostage during review of budget spending. President shut down national parks and denied funding for fallen military being reunited with families. We cannot blame him, because the Republicans got all the credit for these outrages.

Do not look up the definition for TRUTH in the new dictionary. Slick Willy is helping rewrite the definitions for our fearless leader. Remember that Islamic terrorists did not kill our citizens in Benghazi. It was a video mocking Islam from the USA that killed our ambassador?

Positivity and great things have been accomplished by our president! Whatever that hell that means, is up to him. We are supposed to believe him?

Nobody trusts us!

Nobody trusts us!

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