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July 28, 2015
Our laundry drying without using a dryer!

Our laundry drying without using a dryer!

On impulse I posted this camera shot to share with FB and was surprised at strong positive response. If you live in a city apartment building, then you know the challenges of hanging laundry for pigeons to decorate. On any day in our area you can see the Amish hanging their washing to dry in the breeze. My wife is not Amish but we live to preserve our environment and protect nature.

Just like our Menominee neighbors, we stack firewood for the winter heating of our house with a cast iron stove. Our dead trees get harvested before they become a hazard. We are sad that some trees died, but grateful for their keeping us warm. Hauling in wood while winds howl and snow swirls outside our door is a necessary winter chore of mine.

It would be interesting to see how the wealthy promoters of green policies live in their mansions. I am sure there are no laundry lines, or stacks of firewood to heat their home. The Amish have been living green and seem to be doing just fine without intervention from utopia experts who love to lecture us.

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    A better way of life.

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