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President throws spears from Ethiopia at Republican candidates?

July 27, 2015

The terrorist groups threatening governments like Ethiopia are a growing problem. USA needs to be a strong ally and not just offering speeches. It seemed odd that our president distracted attention from these serious issues in Africa to whine about political campaigns in USA.

The Republican who wins the election for president will have to deal with a locked front door. Obama is keeping the keys. He does need to take his dogs when leaving town. We can be sure that our former president will be constantly on television sharing his suggestions to the new president. Thanks for the big help?

We know that the Republican party was responsible for holding the USA hostage according to our imperial tourist president. He never knew what was going on until he saw it in the news. However, he always felt the need to write the news he was about to read. Republicans were terrorists that wanted to throw grandma off the cliff to save money in the budget. The people of Ethiopia probably do not worry about politics in the USA.

Our next president should offer Obama the opportunity to visit Iran on the great deal he claims he got for USA. By 2017 the problems of the deal should be very evident for everyone to see.

President eats more than average family of 4 in Ethiopia.

President eats more than average family of 4 in Ethiopia.

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