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cult followers; Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

July 23, 2015

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! has opened the door into mass hysteria as fun! Thunder Levin has elevated Kitsch with reverent adulation of minor celebrities in his new category of horror. The blood spatters drenched in this story every minute of the movie. The commercial breaks gave everyone a minute to text or Twitter their comments. The Tweets appeared at next commercial break to share the audience comments.

Mark Cuban plays a gun toting shark killer President of USA!

Mark Cuban plays a gun toting shark killer President of USA!

Thunder Levin has taken the climate threat change to a new level of brilliance. The random eruption of tornado storms that rain down sharks on the USA is awesome! The predictions of doom are graphically realized with hysterical carnage. Thunder is laughing at the premise that solemn predictions of climate doom will end the world. We are all going to die? “Oh, Hell No!” We got the warrior spirit to chain saw and shot gun sharks into bloody bits.

When will PETA do their job? How can the mass slaughter in graphic detail of sharks be tolerated? Why do sharks merit this lunacy? Ok, these are not baby seals getting their heads bashed in for pelts. These sharks revel in devouring humanity. We are getting what we deserve? There is no heavy reflection on anything in this carousel of carnage. The pace of killing leaves you dizzy.

I look forward to college courses analyzing and debating the Sharknado with as much gusto as the prolific zombie cult. It was great to see the NBC morning crew devoured by sharks! Everyone needs to enjoy rubber sharks. Thank you Thunder Levin! He even killed the author from Game of Thrones! Everybody loved getting killed by his sharks dropped by tornado storms.

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