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Eagle deserves respect

July 19, 2015
The Spirit of America will never die!

The Spirit of America will never die!

Eagles live well around the Menominee Nation. Saturday one of the eagles was scouting our lake 1,000 feet above the water. It was amazing to watch the eagle descend on the hunt for a fish. It is awesome to watch them silently glide over our trees on the hunt by the lake shore. They live free and are revered as a harbinger of good luck by the Menominee.

The spirit of our country is well represented by our Eagle. Our symbol is not a parakeet living on hand outs in a cage. Our citizens do not deserve to be treated like parakeets. Our spirit and attitude is sympathetic with the spirit of the eagle.

I am tired and bored by the whining and complaining about how it is our Christians fault on anything that happened a thousand years ago during the Crusades. I laugh at the lunacy of wallowing in the regrets and guilt of being white. Is my family obligated to keep paying an IOU for future generations because of slavery over a hundred years ago? Is the Eagle to be punished for catching fish when it is hungry? The Eagle does not ask for permits or permission to stay alive.

We the people have the flame of freedom deep in our hearts. We do not welcome those who meddle and complain about our past. We are focused on the future with no regrets. We do not want excuses for our accepting loss instead of gaining victory.

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