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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

July 18, 2015

A hysterical comedy from 1988 helps us understand our White House today. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels has Steve Martin deluding himself into believing he is the ultimate con man fleecing money from sympathetic women. However, he discovers that he is a small time hustler compared to Michael Caine living like royalty off the money stolen from wealthy tourists visiting his coastal paradise. You really need to see the movie, or watch it again. The two con men make a bet who can swindle a recent visitor who appears to be a gullible and klutzy young woman with too much money.

Steve Martin pretends to be a crippled veteran competing against Michael Caine who pretends to be a world famous doctor to win the money of Glenne Headly.

Steve Martin pretends to be a crippled veteran competing against Michael Caine who pretends to be a world famous doctor to win the money of Glenne Headly.

Finally, I see how recent events belong in this Hollywood farce. We started to see news about how the IRS targeted conservative groups that challenged the Democrats support of Obama for 2012 election. Our president was indignant and publicly reassured the USA that all of the wrong doers will be cast out of paradise. However, our president later confirmed “There is not a smidgen of wrong doing!” So everything is ok and we should ignore the destroyed emails and applaud the retirement of Lois Lerner who wanted the Justice Department to file charges on conservative groups.

I remember seeing our president on television promise all of us that “If you like your health insurance plan, then you can keep your health insurance plan. Nobody will take it away from you!” Then he did mumble some excuse that maybe he did not explain that of course his Affordable Care Act did force insurance companies to close our health insurance plans. That seemed to shut us up. Of course, one of his overpaid consultants had to blab and brag about how stupid we were about the scam inside Affordable Care Act. Jonathan Gruber was smirking and pompous on video joking about us “stupid voters” who would be fleeced just like a con man in the comedy movie.

Our president had amnesia and could not seem to remember the millions of dollars paid for the advice of the con man Gruber. Did Gruber come to the White House for meetings? He was just somebody that showed up and Obama did not pay attention to him.

Obama cannot remember talking to this guy!

Obama cannot remember talking to this guy!

Now we have Planned Parenthood in the news. Women who get abortions using their facilities get to sign a form letting the corpse be butchered for selling body parts. Doctor Deborah Nucatola was sipping wine and nibbling on a healthy salad while chatting about selling body parts from what would have been live babies until killed by abortion. This seemed to insult and upset people. So the CEO of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards apologized “for the tone” of the insensitive discussion of selling body parts. I felt like vomiting when I learned how a fetus became a parts department. What kind of person can carve up these babies every day and haggle on the price the parts are worth? I am really upset that the Affordable Care Act was defended and sold as a “woman’s health benefit” by offering a pipeline for Planned Parenthood body parts sale.

I believe that Jesus lived with us to help children of God to find their path to salvation. I do not accept an apology on language that was insensitive. I do not accept a bazaar selling body parts like a flea market. I am tired of being played for a fool by politicians way too smart to talk down to us dumb folk.

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