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USA knows we got short changed

July 12, 2015

The promised transformation of the USA by Barrack Obama is like a Hollywood horror story. He described visions of brotherly love with justice for all. We have seen mobs burning our flag, and wanting to kill our police. His vision for our “Hope and Change” was equality of opportunity, and shovels for everybody who wants a job. His solution was to shout his demands for a higher minimum wage. We have abundant idle protestors to invade Wall Street while soiling the parks and streets as their toilet. Socialists denounce the evils of a free market capitalism that attracts immigrants from around the world to the USA.

We have not walked away from the ideals that set the course of generations of citizens during World Wars and desperate times of turmoil. It is like a Hollywood comedy, that a brash, outspoken New Yorker that is a business billionaire has caught the interest of many disappointed Americans. The professional political experts are trying to belittle the stupidity of anybody that has made a fortune on his own. Of course these political experts would be like children in the hostile battles of real estate development and financing. Donald Trump is not supposed to be speaking out. The people of USA are too stupid to know that Trump is lying to all of us? We know a liar, because we been listening for 6 years on lies and excuses. Rich people only get rich by stealing and cheating us poor dumb sheep. That is the fairy tale told by the wolves of political elite.

Nobody expects any candidate to be perfect. We do expect our candidates to try to be honest on explaining their values and beliefs. Too many politicians waste too much time trying to say what they expect us dumb sheep want to hear. Trump blunders and wanders in his speeches, but nobody wants a professional speaker. We want a man who defends his beliefs and is not a political professional wolf.

Trump is drawing crowds that ignore the smug effete news media “reporters” who walk among the political wolves daily. Reporters do not earn respect or attention of voters. Trump has more people who want to hear him and see him every day. If you ignore what the people of the USA want, then you will not have strong business (Macy’s stooped to attack Trump). If you ignore what the people of the USA demand for news, then you will not have an audience (NBC, ABC, & CBS are in the rearview mirror FOX).

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

Defending the USA needs a warrior spirit like Trump who never quits fighting.

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