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Are you a China Millionaire?

July 7, 2015

China Millionaire is a web site that offers such a deal to be rich as a Chinese millionaire. Yes, China is beating the USA on making more people rich as millionaires. You have to download some garbage software to make you rich. Once your computer gets invaded, then you might become a millionaire.

If the carnival came into town with bright lights and fortune tellers, would you invite them to your home to use your computer to get rich? Of course we would! We all would like to get rich using stuff we don’t understand. Buy lottery tickets. You won’t win, but the money you lose is limited by the tickets you buy.

Get app for this China Millionaire on your phone or tablet computer. That way you screw up all of your digital stuff.

The Chinese have a lot of people that love to gamble. This includes their stock market that lists companies with incomplete financial reports and no standardized records of earnings. A lot of major US corporations learned that accounting records and reliable audit reports are unusual in China. Some have sold at a loss to get out of China, after paying a premium price to get in! China stock market is dropping fast right now, so might be fewer millionaires now!

I rather lose money where at least I understand the amount of risk, and there is a reward for taking a risk. Invest in the USA where you can lose your money, but you can make great returns for real.

Graphic from China Millionaire web site.

Graphic from China Millionaire web site.

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