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Social Security buries people alive

July 5, 2015

CBS 60 Minutes had a excellent report on a problem for live people listed as dead by Social Security. This raised a basic reason to have Social Security follow the standard requirement for insurance companies, banks, and investment services. The State issued death certificate is essential for any activity to take place for the heirs. Social Security types in a wrong number, and you are dead! Social Security does not require a certificate of death from the state.

The problems I never considered is the linking of every financial institution is based on your social security number. If you are counted as dead by Social Security, then you are dead!? I find this contradiction to confirm the need for a death certificate. The bank would never release your money to a heir without the death certificate and probate court order. However, the bank will lock up all your money and shut down access to bank money. The bank must love keeping all the money for years.

My Senator from Wisconsin Ron Johnson has focused on this problem area. Bureaucratic inertia is typical in any large institution. One lady had to live in her car because she could not rent an apartment. She had her money in the bank safe and sound but blocked from access. Her Social Security checks stopped of course for years! Lots of luck getting those years of payments brought up to date?

Social Security kicks your bucket out from under you!

Social Security kicks your bucket out from under you!

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