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San Francisco murder is lethal mistake by DHS

July 3, 2015

Warren Wilhelm Jr the current mayor of New York City (aka Bill De Blasio) is mad at Donald J Trump. As candidate for president, Trump dared to observe that too many illegal aliens coming from Mexico are violent criminals. This is racist insulting bigotry per the name changing mayor of the Big Apple.

Not taking any nonsense!

Not taking any nonsense!

The words of Trump may offend some who are deluded into only seeing illegal aliens as little weeping children. Department of Homeland Security rounds up criminal illegal aliens to deport them to Mexico. They are not jailed in Mexico but are free to sneak back into the USA several times. In San Francisco a young woman with her family was gunned down by a officially deported illegal alien criminal. It seems criminals who are here illegally can get guns without any problems. Nancy Pelosi might focus on guns in hands of criminals instead of legal owners.

DHS and our president counts every deportation as a victory in his statistics on protecting us from illegal alien criminals. Everybody knows the deported are never jailed in the USA or in Mexio, but left free to wander back to become our problem again, and again. So being sent back 3 times, counts as a victory for 3 deportations. The young woman was killed by this dumb deportation system. We are treating illegal invaders as untouchable by our legal system. They are outside our laws, and free to break our laws often. The young lady was killed by an outsider.

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