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Weak Jobs Report June 2015

July 2, 2015

Our first quarter Gross Domestic Product was shrinking instead of growing. The government analysis made the brilliant observation that Winter weather reduced our economy. A lot of people anticipate that Winter does get cold and can snow too! That might be why some people do buy Winter coats and snow boots.

Our June jobs report had more twice as many people leaving the workforce, compared to those getting jobs. The government analysis made the brilliant observation that a lot of people prefer to enjoy the Summer by not working? This coincides with the annual Appalachia festival on being unemployed in June! In the case of Appalachia area, our president did have the EPA kill a major employer by crushing coal usage.

Appalachia coal

What do unemployed people do? Some see a bleak future of misery and poverty as their life. Drug usage is an escape from reality that kills too many. West Virginia is at top of drug deaths, not New York City. President Johnson actually visited the people suffering when promising to help. Our president never gets his hands dirty or his shoes dusty by visiting those suffering in the remote regions of our country.

People do not want to be pitied or laughed at. We all want a chance at a future with work to make a living. It insults our intelligence to get excuses that Winter is cold and Summer is a great time to quit looking for work. We are marching into the cellar instead of moving up. We are getting weaker while our president focuses on more regulations, restrictions, and mandates on what employers must do.

The Jobs Council of our president had glorious meetings with photographs and proclamations promising “shovel ready jobs”. All of the members of that council had catered lunches and lots of publicity pictures pretending something was happening. We can see the fruits of their propaganda. The position of Jobs Czar has been vacant for years, after his man left town with his communist propaganda with him.

Nobody got a shovel. Everybody got food stamps and Welfare money instead of a promised job. Oh yes, the famous Obama phone replaced getting a job opportunity.

Obama mocked Romney on Republican jobs plan  in campaign of 2012.

Obama mocked Romney on Republican jobs plan in campaign of 2012.

USA will endure until 2017. USA will not thrive or gain strength. The people of Appalachia continue to struggle to live day to day. We all are hoping for a leader who faces the challenges without czars.

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