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2 Wild & Crazy Guys!

July 1, 2015

Rainbow floodlights, running with banners, and hugging each other are the executive leaders of the USA. They are just a couple of wild and crazy guys!

Whee!  Look at me!  I wanted this picture for publicity.

Whee! Look at me! I wanted this picture for publicity.

LGBT supporters were hissing and bitching at our fearless leader until he saw the light. After accepting millions in campaign donations from LGBT donors, he saw the light in a blinding revelation. His daughters melted our president’s cold heart to accept the wisdom and wonderful beauty of gay marriage? Now he is giddy like a silly school girl running with rainbow banners and lighting up the White House like a carnival fun house.

It is just so sweet to see two corrupt politicians pretending they love kittens, puppies, and gay marriage. They need a hug and kiss for being so cute. Putin has to be wondering how nuts is USA.

We are waiting for our president to sing YMCA dressed like the Village People. Why did Obama and Biden avoid marching in LGBT parades? Expect the Roman Catholic Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will be forced to worship the LGBT miracle of marriage? Pope Francis may have to bitch slap Obama to stop this nonsense during the papal visit in September.

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