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Tunisia target of terror

June 28, 2015

Hotel Riu Imperial Mahraba in Tunisia in Port El Kantoui is a 5 star rated resort hotel. The beauty of nature combined with the elegance of the hotel property have made many vacationers happy. Can 1 man ruin this vacation dream? An ISIS terrorist came onto this property and started killing as many as he could find.

Most of the innocent victims of this Islamic killer were British, and thus far 39 people died and many left wounded. Hotel staff and towns people that catered services for the hotel guests played roles in sheltering and rescuing those in the line of fire. Nobody knows how we would react in the carnage and confusion of murder in paradise. Local police did stop the killer as he roamed the hotel property killing.

Imperial pool

ISIS has a simple plan of terror and conquest. They kill in large scales of murder. They conquer and plunder cities with their band of marauders. They pretend they are nation builders for propaganda but they are thieves and killers. The wealthy Europeans that fled Tunisia now will stay away from any ISIS target country. Intimidation and fear make the conquest by ISIS easier.

FBI and Department of Homeland Security are alerting the USA to be wary on our July 4 national holiday. We have been warned to expect anything and everything at any public place. We are allowed to open carry a weapon in Wisconsin, and I may consider using my right for first time in my life. Having a means of defense may make my reaction to a cruel killer a simpler choice.

We can pretend it can’t happen here, but that may not be an effective plan under attack.

Defend our home and our country from invaders!

Defend our home and our country from invaders!

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  1. June 28, 2015 4:59 pm

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Trained, equipped, and funded by the Sissy Dictator of America. Obama built it.

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