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So he can’t sing?

June 27, 2015

President Obama is everywhere getting on television this last week. He raced from his Ramadan publicity event to turn on the rainbow lights on the White House to take credit for his blessings on gay marriage. He went to a church eulogy for a murdered minister and had plenty of video cameras recording his performance.

I did watch it again on YouTube. He thinks he can sing. I know that I only sing in church when the whole congregation can cover up my being always off tune. I was embarrassed that he cannot carry a tune in a wheel barrow. It was painful to endure his enthusiastic mangling of a great hymn. Somebody forgot to turn off his microphone. I loved Sing Along With Mitch Miller but somebody has to give the president a clue as to how bad he sings.

Meanwhile, in Tunisia a 23 year old man pulled out a machine gun inside a folded beach umbrella and killed 39 people on the hotel property and beach front. His religious execution timing was purposely chosen to celebrate Ramadan by killing infidels. So the USA carnage is awful, but not as many as the Ramadan holy killer.

With all of the endless face time on television, it is obvious by his absence that our fearless leader did not publicly address the world on this Ramadan killer being the scum of the earth. How about gun control by not letting ISIS get all of their weapons from the US arsenal? No speech and no spontaneous singing for this Islamic terrorist attack by our president?

Obama eulogy

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