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Supreme Court seance

June 25, 2015

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has been blessed twice by our Supreme Court.

1. The law was brought to court as a forced purchase with no allowed alternatives on all citizens. Our president challenged critics who called this law as an unfair tax on all citizens. He denied this was a tax. Of course, the Supreme Court declared it was a tax and cannot be challenged under tax authority of government.

2. The law provides subsidies based upon income reported to IRS, because the mandated insurance ownership can bankrupt families who cannot afford this Affordable Care Act
. However, a lawsuit was brought because the law said the subsidies can only be given through state established healthcare exchange. Of course, the Supreme Court declared that the law as written is not important. Since healthcare involves too many citizens, the poorly written law does not matter. Keep the healthcare tax and subsidies because the Affordable Healthcare Act is a tax that was not a tax per our president, and because the law’s language does not matter just because.

So in my family, the deductible amount is $9,800. So we pay monthly premiums and pay for almost every health care service out of pocket. I had the good luck of needing to pay the full deductible this year. Lucky us?! This is not affordable! Never mind that it is not affordable and premiums are rocketing higher?

There is no point in trying to understand laws anymore. The law is whatever the mood of the Supreme Court fancies during their séance meetings.


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