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Some problems never change

June 19, 2015

It is worth visiting Colonial National Historical Park in Yorktown, Virginia. Our country became the United States of America after winning the war for freedom from England. Let me focus on why the pioneer settlers were fighting mad. The excessive and extensive taxes and tariffs from England were a burden to be shed by musket shot, and bayonet by the oppressed settlers.

The Continental Congress was tight fisted on spending money to fight for freedom. General Washington had voluntary troops dying and bleeding with no reliable supplies for food or clothing. The money for paying the troops was never seen in years. Washington had to complain, plead, and have influential friends intercede to get any assistance for his last major campaign to drive out the British troops from Yorktown. The French fleet and French troops aboard the fleet turned the tide of war to our favor in the Battle of the Capes by Chesapeake harbor. This success set the Washington strategy in motion to commit what little he had into battle for Yorktown in 1781.

So there are members of Congress today who choose to delay and minimize funding for our military. I am not in favor of waste that does occur in the defense budget. However, this waste is primarily funds diverted for cultural activities like LGBT events, and pork barrel projects demanded by members of Congress to claim as gifts for their state district. Some traditions need to be ditched. Congress playing politics with our men and women in military is why England could have defeated Washington. The stakes today are more dangerous with China, Russia, and marauding Islamic terrorists.

It was a simple message that started our Revolution. Virginia motto is “Do not thread on me!” Benjamin Franklin had a motto even more stark. “Join, or die!” You reach a point when people will not accept or tolerate oppression, even if it means death in the struggle.

Our founders of USA started by musket shots our battle for freedom.

Our founders of USA started by musket shots our battle for freedom.

It was my pleasure and honor to spend several days at Fort Eustis as a visitor. The soldiers on base are the age of my sons, and these defenders of our freedom are entitled to our support. Politicians need to demonstrate restraint on seeking power and being in the limelight while standing on the shoulders of these volunteer military.

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