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Obama presidency set record

June 19, 2015

We did not see millions of more shovels sold for “shovel ready jobs” somebody promised the USA. The stock market is booming if you believe our fearless leader propaganda. What has that to do with our government anyway? But there is with complete certainty a record increase in welfare payments and food stamp payments. In addition, we have a record increase in parasites!

Yes there is a record bumper crop of bed bugs and ticks under his presidency! These blood suckers are good symbols of our current president. They will drink your blood around the clock.

Tick blood suckers are everywhere!

Tick blood suckers are everywhere!

We did have a record production of new regulations and fines from EPA, OSHA, and DODD FRANK financial law. Our country will be perfect with the new regulations and fines. The increase in lawyers and billing from lawyers are the major benefit from these thousands of new rules and regulations.

We should have national Parasite Day! How about sharing the wealth? We can export ticks and parasites to the countries that keep sending us their unwanted citizens.

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