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Obama waiting for ISIS strategy

June 8, 2015

Sometimes complex problems demand a simple solution. I have played chess games with complex problems from opposition positions all across the board. If I wait for clarity, then my opponent will encircle my king while I wander lost and undecided.

Clarity comes from action. If I develop a obvious grouping of forces in position for a major assault, then my opponent must alter strategy to meet a tactical challenge. The trick in chess and world affairs is to distract with the obvious as the devious real threat is masked behind the apparent battle tactics. We do not have the luxury of time. In chess we play with the time pressure running out the game clock. Our inaction presents a strategy. It tells our opponents that we are indecisive in battle and give our opponent time to develop their attack.

ISIS is gaining followers because it looks like the USA is afraid to attack them. ISIS has the luxury of time to run propaganda campaigns around the world. If they were busy fighting for their lives, then the time and money for propaganda would be gone.

Our tourist president in Germany with G7 meeting had lengthy meandering press conference where he said he is waiting for the Pentagon to deliver him a strategy. Is that like waiting for the Easter Bunny to deliver you candy? The Pentagon has rules of engagement prohibiting any civilian casualties but they must conduct a war without using our own infantry. So go ahead, and make a battle plan without any troops? Thank you fearless leader Obama.

I have the strategy that will win. All of the armored equipment and artillery pieces will have GPS trackers so we know where they were left while Iraq flees ISIS troops again. This time we will detonate the hidden explosives in all of our equipment left for Iraq army. Then we will kill ISIS using our weapons as suicide bombs. Stop all training of Iraq troops. They will run anyway.

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

Terrorists have crossed a red line in targeting golf course terrorism!

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