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Men are better women?

June 4, 2015

People today are dumber than back in the last century. Of course, the people living in this century are blissfully unaware of their stupidity. We are obsessed with selfies. I am linked on Facebook to bear witness to the endless selfies of some rich people. “This is me at the Mayweather fight in Las Vegas.” “This is me at the Kentucky Derby!” “This is me on my luxury yacht.” “This is me with my NASCAR team.” Of course, everyone has to grin like an idiot in every selfies. This is an unwritten rule. I do not like people who are always happy.

Now we have to endure this Jenner carnival on sex change. That is one ugly woman! So women will want to buy make up endorsed by Jenner? Jenner is making a small fortune on this publicity stunt. Do we all have to hear this story and see endless pictures? It is just like a man to think he knows how to be a better woman. It is just like a man to make more money than women on selling women’s make up.

Milton Berle was not really funny. He was just the 1st comic to make a small fortune being on the first television programs. It was such a novelty to have television, they rushed to broadcast anything and anybody that held attention. Back in the 1950’s, we did not need zombie programs to be entertained. People wanted to laugh instead of scream. “Uncle Milty” did enjoy dressing like a woman for humor. Jenner is dressing to pretend he is a real woman? I would dress like a woman for 500 million dollars but nobody makes me an offer.

Uncle Milty likes cigars and princess gowns.

Uncle Milty likes cigars and princess gowns.

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