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USA future in hands of white & blue collar workers

May 29, 2015
We are proud to be citizens of the USA!

We are proud to be citizens of the USA!

The road to future prosperity and financial freedom are in the hands of our children. Inept policies are promoted by our President with promises that they are working. We have too many young adults standing on street corners with nothing but time on their hands. There are jobs to be created by business owners after we take off their shackles from EPA, OSHA, IRS, and social engineers of failure.

The millennial workers now in blue collar and white collar jobs are our future. The military is all millennial age now. They all know that 99% of the rules, regulations and government help is an anchor holding the USA back. How have these rules and regulations promoted or protected our new workers?

I do have sympathy for the college students who are in debt and in dire straits looking for work as a community organizer or political science teacher. They are not the future of our country.

Our business enterprise economy needs ambitious workers who apply their creativity and ingenuity to improve and advance our country’s prosperity to all who want to work. Our future cannot repair our past. Millennial future goals will carry us into a better USA.

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