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Iraq army sets record results for Obama

May 26, 2015

Our community organizer in chief has put his stamp on the Iraq military. We can see the results. The Islamic terrorists know it is open season.

The Iraq army has set records for disrobing, disarming, and attempting to retreat. We know the training and the priorities of our president are evident in the surrender of the Iraq army at every battle front. Our fearless leader reluctantly confirms that the Bush policy of our military surge to reclaim Iraq has failed. The military did win and achieve a military victory. Our president walked away from victory and points back to Bush as the reason he is failing.

If you saw the black flags and storming troops invading your town, would you drop your guns and surrender? Most everybody knows you will be killed and displayed on You Tube. I would choose to die fighting. The widows have picked up the dropped weapons and gone out to avenge and kill the terrorists! Obama just cannot decide whether he will ever arm any of the people actually resisting the invaders. He prefers to waste time training an army that will not fight. The resistance fighters are on their own. Hey, it has only been 6 years he wasted on deciding “Do I?” or “Don’t I help with weapons?”

President Obama refuses to bomb the formed troops of Islamic terrorists in plain sight. Why does he refuse to bomb the military leadership of terrorists? We might kill civilians in any attack? So how many civilians are being killed by our reluctance to cut off the head of the snake? Where is the reluctance to avoid killing civilians on the famous drone strikes approved by our commander in chief?

The thousands slaughtered, and hundreds of women dragged into slavery are the legacy of the Obama doctrine. He will not do anything and leave office with the slaughter going on. Of course he will point to a drone strike to strut and boast about his being tough.

Cowards kill defenseless to pretend they are brave.

Cowards kill defenseless to pretend they are brave.

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