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Obama accuses opposition to his plan is foreign plot!

May 23, 2015

More funny money is sneaking into Political Action Committees to flood campaign promotions. What did McCain & Feingold accomplish? We are worse with zero limits on Charitable Foundations? Thanks for nothing!

Hoboduke Nonsense

McCain and Feingold wasted 3 years in passing their law that has done nothing.

Why would foreign countries support opposition to President Obama’s political party?  His party is doing a great job of turning over the world economy and our economy to foreign countries already!

The millions of dollars of foreign donations seems a whopper!  How many foreign donors want to support Republicans?  Aren’t there laws in this country?  If this is illegal, then why can’t this be required by law to report?  Oh wait, McCain Feingold law on campaign finance reforms seems to be worthless and ineffective!  Glad McCain and Feingold wasted 3 years passing a law that does nothing but makes it worse.   When you get a liberal democrat and a Republican in name only to create a reform bill, then this is what you get.  I see a lot of this in the cow pasture field.  And…

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