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Donors Wanted! No questions asked?

May 22, 2015

Once upon a time, Jim Bakker pleaded with devout Christians over television to “Praise the Lord!” PTL broadcasts were a combination of mediocre musical entertainment, tear filled pleas to give by deceased Tammy Fay Bakker, and get lifetime timeshares at Heritage USA development by PTL.

Give more so Jim Bakker can get a Rolex!

Give more so Jim Bakker can get a Rolex!

Now we are taking part in another fairy tale! Clinton Foundation is located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas on the 42nd floor in New York city. I miss the hokey pleading and praying for donation of PTL. They went off the air in 1989 when they used up their donated funds on make up for Tammy Fay. Why can’t “Slick Willy” get on television to bang the drum for donations? How about a timeshare to one of the Clinton mansions? We need some entertainment value from our chiselers and bible thumpers.

The foundation will save our environment, and just makes everybody think Africa needs the white man to save them poor natives. Some of the foundation donors rape the earth and use people for personal profit. These philanthropic donors expect doors to open and assistance on their goals of conquest with Clinton influence. Give a call to 212-348-8882 to find out how much of your donation gets wasted on overhead and vacations.

“Slick Willy” with hill billy Hillary want your donations!

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