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Get a dog to stay alive!

May 21, 2015

Evidence shared on the brutal murders in Maryland is sad and sick. A family and a housekeeper were murdered in a robbery. The details shared are disturbing and sickening to put myself in the father’s shoes as his family is held captive, tortured, and murdered. One glaring omission in too many violent crime scenes is that there was no dog present.

I accept the problems and responsibilities that are part of the package in owning a couple of dogs. The benefits are worth more than the trouble and cost. My dogs are not attack dogs, but they instinctively are on alert to check anyone coming on our property. Everyone in the area knows we have dogs because they can hear my coon hound every day from a half mile away. No deranged idiot wanting to rob us can get into our house without a struggle. I have my shillelagh on a hook next to the leashes by the front door. It is handy for walking, and breaking bones.

The nightmare of an idiot barging into your home can happen. It is less likely to happen with some healthy dogs you love, and they love you. Burglar alarms and panic buttons are prudent precautions. My preference is to deter anyone wanting to rob us as easy pickings. We enjoy our dogs, and love them. They love us, and they are vigilant by nature. The absence of dogs in this Maryland house was one less defense barrier. Even a deranged psychopath is smart enough to avoid getting attacked by dogs.

So grab your shillelagh and get your couple of dogs on leash to walk around your neighborhood. It is good exercise and fair warning to any lazy thieves.

Our dogs are important.

Our dogs are important.

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