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NBC reports religion poll good for Democrats?

May 17, 2015

Meet the Press had a “nerd segment” by chief nerd Chuck Todd. It was not his analysis work but he got to read a script based on polling analysis by Dante Chinni. The poll published in July of 2014 by Pew Research identified 70% of the USA population connects with Christian beliefs. There was a category “none” on beliefs that had 22.8%. The Chuck Todd report ignored Muslim & Jewish segments of the USA. Pew Research did cover all segments in their report.

According to Chuck Todd, this report gives Democrats more strength because the “none” people voted for Obama as president. Why did NBC ignore the Muslims and Jews? The “none” people are younger voters. More importantly the question is why did NBC dredge up as a “news” item the Pew Research report from July of 2014? The punch line of this Chuck Todd segment was that this report raised problems for Republicans. NBC always finds problems for Republicans. Plus NBC creates fake problems for Republicans, such as AMTRAK funding.

In this same program of May 17 was an assertion by Chuck Todd that Republicans do not want to add funding of heavy Democrat areas that are majority of AMTRAK riders. This analysis is so stupid it is amazing. East coast and West coast population is mostly Democrat so Republicans will not properly fund AMTRAK with mostly Democrat riders?

Chuck Todd has no dynamic personality. His lack of insight and mediocre communication skills weakens the franchise of Meet the Press.

Does he look comfortable or creepy?

Does he look comfortable or creepy?

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