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ABC news interrogator George

May 15, 2015
Political hack now a media puppet for propaganda

Political hack now a media puppet for propaganda

ABC “news” man George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. George said he loves poor children by donating money to this Clinton Foundation. Can anyone explain how much does this foundation really spend on charitable works? George will never bother asking or investigating this foundation to demand the answers. Even Bill Clinton explained that he doesn’t know much about the foundation that was started by him and Hillary. He just works there, yuk, yuk, yuk?

So George interrogated and grilled the author of Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer. He was bellicose and irate that Peter dared to publish a book that was based on speculation smearing Hillary. Did not George as the moderator of Republican debates, demand Romney to defend why Republicans were planning to prohibit birth control. Romney seemed confused because there was no plan to prohibit birth control. Romney’s confusion was just a confirmation to Stephanopoulos that a nefarious plot was somewhere out there in hidden Republican bunkers.

So the news segment did not present any new information or insights, because George wasted time on cross examination speeches that did not allow the author time to talk. George is now in hiding from his own spotlight of conflict of interest. He is not worth the time and attention he is getting.

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