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Muslim leaders avoid meeting our president

May 11, 2015

We got snookered by our fearless leader. President Obama campaigned, and made speeches on how the USA had a president that was sensitive and connected to the Muslim countries. He implied that he was the president to unite and connect with Muslim countries. He has failed and insulted our Muslim leaders over his presidency.

There is a Gulf Nations conference that was to give our “look at me everybody” president another media spot light. More leaders are canceling to meet and those canceling are the major powers. Will the commercial news media pretend this means nothing? What is the point of pretending there is a consensus of support on the United States policies in the Gulf region? This is all a massive “snow job” by our president.

Gulf Cooperation Council of Muslim nations of the region have 6 leaders. Do not hold your breath for all of them to show up to the Obama public relations event. The one problem listed at top of reasons by Gulf partners is that nobody knows Obama. He just shows up and leaves after the pictures and his speech is over. Nobody knows him. He loves selfies, YouTube video, and waving to photographers. He does not bother to spend personal time to get to know our allies. The Gulf leaders do not know who our president really is. Welcome to the club. Nobody in the USA knows who our president really is.

So the conference is all show. He is a “confidence man” that appears to be sincere and involved, while planning his next vacation or golfing trip. Nobody knows our president, and nobody cares at this point.

We love selfies!  What me worry?

We love selfies! What me worry?

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