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BRIDGE OF SIGHS is waiting

May 7, 2015

Some musicians have the rare creative talent that shines out across the wasteland of the music business. The millennial generation has not crossed the Bridge of Sighs to know the mystic groove of Robin Trower. Long Misty Days is another trip down the river of music that carries us along. Robin Trower has endured the decades of many musical fads that ruined musicians chasing popularity. His music is genuine expression of his view of the music that is in him. It is safe to say you have not heard anyone today that can imitate his electric guitar style. As a Blues fan, he does have respect for the foundation of blues that became electric psychedelic blues in England. That’s Alright Mama from the album Roots and Branches is a slow shuffle blues that stays in the blues groove right through.

Robin Trower takes us into a mystic groove with his music.

Robin Trower takes us into a mystic groove with his music.

His collaboration with Jack Bruce on 7 Moons album takes us to another world of music that is now in the capable hands of Beck today. Just Another Day paints a world of dreams that are more important than the waking world. The question posed asks us to decide if our dreams should set our course for what we do in “the real world”. Many of the musicians are dying that surrounded Robin Trower and many that inspired him are dead. Jack Bruce left a legacy that can be enjoyed today.

Go across the Bridge of Sighs to cross the river of mediocrity in our culture today. You might find a new way to see the world.

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