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Fantasy advertising luxury cars are depressing

May 5, 2015
Forget the exorbitant price, buy the fantasy ad world?

Forget the exorbitant price, buy the fantasy ad world?

Advertising used to be direct. Happy families enjoying a car trip out of the city. That was a fantasy with well behaved children not fighting or “Don’t touch me!” “You touched me!”

The affluent market target for Lexus is millennial DINK segment. Double Income No Kids For some inexplicable reason a lot of the locations are subterranean in city in a concrete tomb. What is the message? You are entombed working in the city, so escape with a car you cannot afford? The car or lease payments are equal to rent money.

These luxury ads are not uplifting or inspiring. Don’t we deserve to be coddled? Don’t we merit some happy fairy tales on life after buying the car? I am sure Lexus has some amazing cars. But let me indulge my Baby Boomer inner child. When I went to a car dealer with my dad to buy his new Chevy, I was glued to the 1963 red Corvette Sting Ray sitting in the show room. That car made a statement without any words. Nobody had to tell me about hormones and sex appeal looking at that car. Babe magnet fantasy land in my post puberty mind was racing while drooling over that car.

I would never buy that car or any recent corvette, and I knew it was a hole in my future that I cannot replace. Chevy did not have subliminal advertising with dark concrete bunkers in city labyrinths. How about happy millennials laughing as they leave work on Friday night? Try avoiding Lexus ads using concrete bunkers and exploding light bulbs?

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