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Wesleyan University forcing women into Delta Kappa Epsilon

April 29, 2015

Tinkering and meddling by Wesleyan University is nuts. The Fraternity of Delta Kappa Epsilon after 150 years is being coerced and forced to allow women to live in their fraternity house. Why? As a parent I know that hormones can defeat common sense! What is this ideal world where all the men are gentlemen at all times? As a parent, I do not want women wandering the hallways of my son’s residence at all hours of day and night!

The answer to rape concerns, and inappropriate attention from young men, is to inject women in their living quarters 24 hours a day? What brilliant eunuch figured this solution? Gender equality means women must be housed in a male fraternity house? It is forbidden to permit gender privacy. It is evil to have ethnic or cultural preferences for association, too?

So today, the burning issue at Wesleyan University on the futures of their young men and women in academic studies is to close a fraternity if it does not allow women to live in fraternity house! Will this university take responsibility for the claims of rape and sexual harassment by the young women who take up residence?

Most students want to find a path to a productive and successful future working for a living. What young woman has her university goal to be the 1st female living at Delta Kappa Epsilon? How does that make your future dreams and plans different or better? Is there a quota system that requires so many women live at Delta Kappa Epsilon?

The president Michael S. Roth needs to allow young women to live in the president’s quarters or be accused of discrimination!

President Michael S. Roth

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