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President sorry he killed some folks?

April 26, 2015

Warren Weinstein of Maryland is dead. Giovanni Lo Porto of Italy is dead. Money from the Treasury is being sent to their families now. USA refused to negotiate release of Weinstein, like we did for Bergdahl our deserter.

Our president has micro managed our military operations with his rules of engagement playbook. He bragged to New York Times how he personally approves the victims list for drone attacks.

Our military in Afghanistan had record casualties and deaths with his new combat restrictions, before a shot could be fired, or a support aircraft could be summoned to save our soldiers. However, the drones do not have such stringent restrictions. Why? Because it would make the process too cumbersome to kill Obama targets. So we have blown up families and bystanders near targets in vehicles and in buildings in neighborhoods. Nobody was there to take a picture, so no bad publicity to see on the carnage. No checks from the Treasury either.

Of course, we cannot blame our president. He will make it clear that Congress failed in overseeing the process. He will make it clear that the CIA gave the command to strike by drone. Who cares that our president feels sorrow on the accidental killings? He never suspected that a missile fired into a building might kill a bunch of folks not on the kill list? The important priority is that no CIA agents or special forces were on the ground to coordinate anything. Looking down from satellites for highflying drones targets is as close as we get now.

We know that nobody can promise no civilians will get killed in war. We know that shooting a missile has more chance of massive carnage of civilians, compared to a targeted attack with special forces. Drones are a diverse arsenal from massive robot stealth fighters to propeller sized attack craft.

Air Force X-47B stealth drone in flight

Air Force X-47B stealth drone in flight

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