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Families risk death fleeing war

April 19, 2015

Chaos and danger are driving out refugees from Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, and Yemen. Families need to feed their children and find a place to sleep without getting killed. These are people impoverished by the constant war and struggles to overthrow governments. The process to become a leader in these countries is based on killing their political opponents.

Every leader stands upon skulls in the climb to power. Dads and moms know there is no mercy and no justice in the struggle for power. They leave with their children to find someplace that offers any hope for a future. My parents came to the USA after WWII to flee Stalin’s domination of Lithuania. They had nothing but a desire to have a future.

My parents secured a safe passage to the USA with a work visa for dad to work on farm in Ohio. The families fleeing the chaos of war have no place to find organized refuge. Many have scraped up the money to get passage on old freighters and ferries that are overloaded for maximum profit. In the last 12 months, 10,000 have been rescued after sinking at sea. Thousands have drowned. They know the danger and risk of death on overloaded old boats. They take the chance of death by drowning for a future life going to Europe into countries that do not want them.

Our foreign policy does create ripples that become tidal waves to small countries like Libya. We elected to overthrow their dictator. We did not have a plan to maintain and restore order in the power struggles for a new leader to claim leadership in Libya. We lost our ambassador Stevens in this chaos after USA killed their dictator. Now families are drowning in their flight to safety anywhere.

Don't ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

Don’t ask for permission from your mortal enemies.

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