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AMERICAN SNIPER hurt feelings of whining students

April 10, 2015

Michigan State University found 300 students bitching about the movie AMERICAN SNIPER. These students protest that this movie is biased against Muslims.  Are these students affirming Muslim terrorists as representing the Muslim religion?  Being super sensitive against upsetting anyone whining about “hurt feelings”, somebody in University yanked the plan to show the movie about Chris Kyle.  I thank God that we still have men in this country like the new football coach Jim Harbaugh!

His reaction to the controversy at his University about this film was immediate and direct.  “Michigan Football will watch “American Sniper”! Proud of Chris Kyle & Proud to be an American & if that offends anybody then so be it.”  I love his direct and genuine response to the whiners on his campus.  We have the right to be Americans and we have nothing to apologize for a public display of our honoring those who protect our country.

USA and our citizens are not ashamed of our love of country.  We do not apologize to people who find our enthusiasm too rowdy.  This is a great country that has a powerful attraction to freedom lovers who are willing to sacrifice for great reward.  Coach Harbaugh is an American!  The offended Muslim students will need to deal adapt or leave the campus.  Protecting our freedom and honoring those who died protecting our freedom is more important to us.  Nobody is forced to live here.  Nobody is going to force us to be ashamed of our citizens or our patriotism.

Coach Harbaugh by his stand, turned the appeasing University stooges to reverse position.  The movie is being shown.  We all need to simply take a stand for our love of USA.

Coach Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan State University and the USA!

Coach Jim Harbaugh loves Michigan State University and the USA!

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