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Buffett finds it easy to take money

March 26, 2015

The news media treat Warren Buffett as a beloved great grandfather of our economy.  I view him as more of a vampire sucking up great amounts of money to only make money for himself. Rich people always find leeches and media gushing praise.  Why is the “Oracle of Omaha” viewed as a blood sucker?

Recent history from the upheaval in the USA and the world in financial collapse of 2008 is where W.B. showed his fangs.  Goldman Sachs “agreed” to take billions in cash from Berkshire Hathaway of W.B., but at Shylock terms of 10%.  Beggars can’t be choosers, and W.B. chuckled counting his money by getting nose bleed interest rate and option to convert into shares of common stock of Goldman Sachs.

Just this week Berkshire Hathaway that owns a large amount of Heinz common stock, engineered a  merger and acquisition of Kraft foods to make a Frankenstein monster giant food company.  So W.B. suggests to Heinz board that buying Kraft is a great deal.  Kraft share holders will make a lot of money.  Heinz share holders have not seen any great gains while connected with Berkshire Hathaway.  Plus the financing for the takeover by Berkshire Hathaway “earns” a generous financing charge.  Heinz was not in a position to say no to any of this Frankenstein monster plan.

The laws and regulations lobbied by W.B. at White House seem to favor Berkshire Hathaway?  This is a total surprise to us common folk that watch the billionaires kiss the royal rump of our president of USA!

W.B. sucks but nobody can get him off the stage!

W.B. sucks but nobody can get him off the stage!

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