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We need more regulations! More fines and fees, too?

March 22, 2015

Clown hearse is dignified exit for our government.

Clown hearse is dignified exit for our government.

It was welcome news that we are getting more regulations from Obama government clowns. Yes, the one sector of our economy that is lowering cost of gasoline will get more rules to make operations less efficient. Hydraulic fracturing for oil known as Fracking will have more restrictions placed for any operations on federal land. The good news is that our federal permits for Fracking on federal land is as rare as finding a reduced budget of any federal agency. So they are wasting time and money to add regulations on nobody.

Fracking is all on state and private land. Mostly because it takes 25 years to get a permit from government to do anything on federal land. Our president took credit for the jobs and the savings of fracking that he blocked by denying permits for federal land. Now, he can tell the environmental doomsday crowd that he did add regulations on fracking for federal land. It affects nobody! Millions of dollars in staff time for new forms was wasted to accomplish nothing as usual.

We are looking forward to new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on how we must use less charcoal briquettes for barbeque. Plus, we are going to restrict use of water for taking showers. Who selects theses issues to waste our government resources?

I propose a citizen Volunteer EPA watch dog group. We will examine if the EPA offices follow their own rules to protect our environment. What is the heating and cooling energy being used in excess of thermostat limits? Why does EPA need limousines for anybody?

I am sure our president will welcome a citizen volunteer group to monitor waste and violations in the EPA!

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