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Stealing money from US Steel

March 19, 2015

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Empty suit in chair of POTUS

Everybody in the USA deserves a fair chance and a fair shot at getting a good job per our president. Talk is cheap. Why is the import of steel from China flooding USA and shutting down our local steel plants? Our Federal Reserve policy has the strong dollar make our exports more expensive outside of USA. Our allowing China to flood our markets with steel sold below cost is subsidized by China to shut down our steel industry. Our president has been taking steps to fix this for the last 4 years!? Hope our steel industry figured out that they are on their own to fix our monetary problems, and to counter China stealing our steel business.

We cannot afford to wait 2 more years until we get a new president. In 2 years, our steel plants will be shrunk and those jobs will be GONE. Like all of our dire problems, our president tells us he is focused like a laser on the problem, and he will get back to us on his progress in a couple of years. We know how that goes.

We have a resilient group of business leaders in the steel industry. They cannot fix monetary exchange problems. They cannot stop China from exporting steel below cost.

How about our president insist that China must allow the steel workers union to be in every plant in China? How about mandatory health care benefits and maternity leave on any imported steel company? How about all imported steel must go through the West Coast sea ports on the work slow down holding up shipments for 4 weeks?

 I am too simple to be fooled.

I am too simple to be fooled.

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