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Did Hillary invent “e-mail” as Secretary of State?

March 5, 2015

That creepy looking lady was our Secretary of State representing our country. It would be seem pretty basic that she would be provided stationary for letters, an email address in our government for official communications, and maybe even a portable phone. I was more than stunned to learn that Hillary Clinton NEVER set up a government email account. I am sure the CIA and NSA all agree that her security system was superior to the U.S.A. government?

Excuse me, but is she NUTS? The Chief of Staff for the President and the security procedures in our government were ignored because she said so? What is the reason she used? It was too hard to remember her password?

If you worked the Securities Industry, and you set up a personal e-mail to conduct business, then you are fired and fined immediately. But if you represent the U.S.A. as Secretary of State, then sending confidential and secret e-mail as “Hot Momma” is no problem!

So secret e-mail on Benghazi in her private secret account is recorded how? It reminds me of her billing records as a lawyer that finally turned up in a car trunk in auto salvage yard in Arkansas, years after they were subpoenaed. Funny how stuff just walks away from Hillary. Not very funny for those families that still have no answer on their deaths.

Did you get your email from "Hot Momma"?

Did you get your email from “Hot Momma”?

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