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Another embassy fiasco in Yemen

February 13, 2015

Once upon a time, the USA found the resolve to protect our citizens around the world. The marines were created to defend open travel for US ships on the high seas. The Barbary Coast pirates and French privateers made profits on plundering trade vessels from the USA. President Jefferson did not find a reason to make theft profitable at the expense of our country men. The marine corps was created to take the fight to those threatening our ships abroad. The marines did prevail and pirates faced sabers, bayonets, and musket balls for their plunder.

Pirates of Barbary Coast faced battle with marines.

Pirates of Barbary Coast faced battle with marines.

Current events dishonors the heritage and traditions of our rightfully proud marine troops. 3rd embassy of USA was evacuated. This time it was in Yemen. President Obama praised the model of his strategy was in “success in Yemen.” Now that country slid into chaos, all of staff was rushed out in chaotic retreat. It might seem a small point, but the marines were ordered to destroy their rifles, and make their sidearm inoperable in evacuation terms. No one wants to take the credit for this shameful surrender and retreat.

We have navy vessels with marines nearby in the Mideast. We could have arrived with helicopters and military planes to deliver more marines and march out to departing US aircraft. This surrender and humiliating retreat disarmed is a public insult to the core values and pride of our marines. We have cowards and paper shufflers in the White House dishonoring 2 centuries of marine victories and triumph.

The president needs to let the military handle tactics and strategy of their own forces. He can focus on making deals with Putin, China, and Iran who are laughing all the way to their banks with our money.

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