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The Ballad of Carlos Danger

February 4, 2015

Who is there to protect the USA from “bankrupt ideology”? We cannot find a leader ready to protect our land. We know one who is ready! Carlos Danger is proud to draw his sword!

A nice Jewish boy who loved to talk and talk,
hid a secret super hero in his underpants.
His dream was to draw his sword for a young damsel
and was ready to show her his sabre dance.

We look for a hero to stand up.
Who does not need a pill for action.
He now is hiding in anonymity.
We can’t get no satisfaction.

He may be a wiener. He may be homely.
Do not doubt he stands ready.
Where is our Carlos Danger?
Who needs a hero who is only horny?

The Democrats can take pride in some colorful characters. Senator Byrd is gone but not forgotten in the KKK. Congressman Rangel loves to talk but when New York had Congressman Wiener, you could not make him shut up! He yelled, shouted, and sprayed spit in his tirades. Why doesn’t he have any children? He must be shooting blanks.

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