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The land of a thousand dances

February 3, 2015

It was fun to listen to Cannibal & The Headhunters hit song LAND OF 1000 DANCES. No message or deep meaning is in a song for sock hops during the 1960’s. The group name was funny and a joke, before we all became racists by guilt of our heritage.

What is the song of our White House for 2015? I hope it is not BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE?

Thousands of people have died brutal deaths under assault from Jihad by Taliban, ISIS, Iran, & Muslim immigrants around the world. Our president has responded to the latest atrocity by being dull and sedated. President said this threat is from a “bankrupt ideology”? That is a sociopath detached response and don’t bother asking me to say anything more. The movie AMERICAN SNIPER is being watched by record audiences for reassurance that we do have protection by our military. Our president does not reassure anybody. He looks ready to take a nap or golf.

The past is a foreign land. I can’t go back, except by enjoying the songs, movies, and my electric trains. The USA has nobody to speak out for reassuring our citizens and our allies. The USA has nobody that stops our enemies by fear of our resolve. I admired and respect President Eisenhower. I was on the edge of my chair literally during John F Kennedy standing up to Kruschev sending nuclear missiles in Cuba. We had drills to hide under our desks to avoid death by nuclear holocaust. Yeah, even us kids knew that was nuts. My folks could not afford to build a bomb shelter either.

Our only hope is to see our Congress do what little they are authorized to do for our behalf. It is hysterical to see our president demand to forget saving our tax money, and add more spending for “shovel ready jobs”! He owes us 850 billion dollars that never built bridges, roads, or any public works seen by us tax payers. If ISIS is coming here to start random attacks, get your axe and gun handy. Tell the ISIS killers they are “bankrupt” and watch them run.

Do you know my favorite gum?

Do you know my favorite gum?

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