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Driving School for Rappers by Suge Knight

January 31, 2015

Have you ever met a “Rap Mogul”? You are more likely to have met him if you have been in prison or jail before. Suge Knight runs Death Row Records. It seems Suge ran over 2 people by “accident”. He did it twice by backing into them and then running over them? We have to acknowledge his persistence, but have to doubt that he was not aware of running over anyone.

Mogul Knight in his youth loved the cereal Sugar Crisps with the mascot Sugar Bear, so he was dubbed “Suge”. If you want to learn how to drive like a Rap Mogul, then contact Death Row Records for the Suge evasive driving course.

It does seem odd that a few Death Row Records competitors got accidentally shot dead. Vanilla Ice got to see LA upside down while Suge held him by his ankles hanging him over his balcony during a negotiation.

Sounds glamorous being a Rap star. Unless, you need to work with a Rap Mogul, then it sounds lethal. Suge Rap Star Driving School is best avoided. Don’t expect a refund.

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