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Wake me when it’s over! State of Union is stupor?

January 21, 2015
Speaker Boehner expands Congress dialogue with Netanyahu.

Speaker Boehner expands Congress dialogue with Netanyahu.

The State of the Union speech would not be good for my blood pressure and would have ruined my night’s rest. So I did turn it off. I did enjoy seeing the few highlights today that confirmed I missed nothing. Speaker John Boehner is giving a platform for Netanyahu to inform both houses of Congress on current conditions with Israel foreign relations. BO imperial dictating to a foreign nation on how they must do this or that from our fearless leader insults Israel sovereignty.

Our threats from a nuclear weapon Iran, and terrorists waving the banner of Islam killing around the globe do threaten USA and allies. Our fearless leader just wants to keep talking because dialogue during terrorist attacks appears to be useless.

The USA does not demand Israel to accept their destruction as a solution to terrorism. I am glad that I missed the State of the Union kabuki theater of our president. The only good thing he did was to let me get some Cuban cigars eventually. That’s not a big deal to many people, but it will make me happy.

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