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AMERICAN SNIPER movie holds audience

January 19, 2015
World of Chris Kyle portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

World of Chris Kyle portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

My wife and I had anxiety and worry when our son was in combat in Iraq. It was strange to keep in touch by Facebook postings, Skype, and email from the battle front. I was forced to learn how to use digital technology to keep in touch with our soldier. It was reassuring to keep in contact. It did not remove our worry that he could be kept safe just by keeping in touch with us in the USA.

Client Eastwood has directed a movie about an exceptional warrior who fought to keep us safe here in the USA. Chris Kyle is a larger than life man who was willing to face the lethal risks of war in 4 tours of combat. Bradley Cooper has captured his character facing death in combat and taking extra risks to win the war. I cannot praise Eastwood enough in capturing war in the battle front, without typical Hollywood digital tricks for spraying fountains of blood. This is realistic and honest. Kyle has anguish and deals with combat stress that complicates his life back home.

I went to watch the movie on January 16 alone, because my wife did not want to see the Iraq war. The movie showing was a full house. Nobody stirred or left the theater until the last credit was scrolled on the screen. The audience was silent and speechless. I learned that this is how the audiences across the USA stayed riveted to the movie to the very ending credits.

The one scene that hit me hardest was the intense focused stare of Chris Kyle seeing the live news video on the jet airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers of Manhattan. It dragged me right back to my feelings when I was watching it that morning of 9/11/2001. Kyle knew that the war was on without saying a word.

It is not worthy of comment to deal with the Hollywood folks who ridicule the life and achievements of Chris Kyle. Courage in the face of death by fighting terrorists with no defined battle fronts is confusing. The “rules of engagement” limited and punished the military to restrain use of force until attacked. Our military did not shoot first and ask questions later.

This movie is a very intense experience. It includes the doubts and stress from combat that cannot be left in Iraq when back in the USA. Consider seeing this movie. Prepare to be immersed in the world of Chris Kyle that ended sadly but triumphant.

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