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Green Bay Packers ignore the “experts” to win!

January 18, 2015

Growing up in Chicago, I endured a lot of miserable football seasons as a fan. My shining moment was in the 1985 NFL season for the Chicago Bears. I was in the stands for every home game, and watched the away games on television. My biggest regret was not spending the money to go on the road to see the Super Bowl game in New Orleans. I was a little strapped for cash being recently widowed, and getting out from under a lot of bills. Anyway, my allegiance remains with my mediocre Bears.

I moved to Wisconsin, north and west of Green Bay. We have more bears, eagles, deer, wolves, than people in our area. Green Bay has a unique life style. I remember going to a Bears game, and seeing dozens of pick up trucks with tagged field dressed bucks driving by Lambeau Field. Guys hopped out of their blaze orange, dropped the carcass off at their garage, and walked over to the football stadium for tail gate BBQ with cocktails. Of course Reggie White and Brett Favre crushed my Bears.

The tradition of Bears and Packers is the National Football League. A small move, but a big impact on the Packers is the addition of former Bear, Julius Peppers. This is his season to finally get a Super Bowl ring. He wants to get a Super Bowl ring. His experience and his motivation has energized the locker room. I believe in fate and destiny in many important moments in all of our lives. It is my feeling, that Peppers walking into the Packers team is a major turning point. I admire his contribution to Bears football, and now his contribution to Packers football. They can win it all!

The “experts” of ESPN had 15 of the 16 analysts choose the Seattle Seahawks as the winner over the Packers today. Packers will win today. They are a team destined to give Peppers his last achievement as a professional football player. Julius Peppers is a champion player.

Julius Peppers will frustrate Seahawks quarterback Wilson.

Julius Peppers will frustrate Seahawks quarterback Wilson.

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