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Is killing 2,000 Christians in Nigeria worth a tweet?

January 14, 2015
Michelle tweets do not save lives in Nigeria!

Michelle tweets do not save lives in Nigeria!

Wake up folks! Nigeria is in chaos, and our president focuses our military on fighting diarrhea. That is a morale booster for our fighting forces on the front lines of out house battles. Our president says killing thousands of Christians in Nigeria recently is a “regional problem” not affecting the USA. So how is EBOLA diarrhea a global threat?

It seems Michelle Obama knows her husband is a colossal loser, so she does not even bother with a stupid Twitter campaign against Christian extermination.

So world leaders in Paris marched to demonstrate unity against Islamic terrorists. It is a regional problem, so our president stayed in front of his television watching football games.

The girls and young ladies kidnapped in 2013 sparked a celebrity Twitter campaign that only resulted in self indulgent selfies. Thank you Michelle for sharing your Tweet in photo. How many girls did it save? ZIP NONE

More Christians are being slaughtered around the world, in many regional conflicts so USA will ignore it all. We are so proud that our president plans a summit on “extremism” in February. We can be sure racism, TEA party protesters, and Christians will be the problems needing new federal meddling.

There are families being exterminated for their Christian faith by ISIS and Islamic terrorists.

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