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Shazam! Attorney General Holder has everything under control!

January 13, 2015

Paris has suffered a terrorist attack. Do not forget our “old news” about Manhattan mass killing plot!

Hoboduke Nonsense

Give me a bullet now Eric! I’m the man for this job!

Eric Holder as Attorney General was disappointed that the NYC bomber was connected to a terrorist group and voted for Prez B.O.  He was hoping for a anti abortion bomber, or a TEA nazi bomber.  But NO, again these damn terrorist attempts keep distracting him from more important stuff.  Shazam was captured.  Eric Holder is more of a Barney Fife get me a bullet type of lawman.

Eric did leak news about the bomber that tipped off his flight out of the country.  Eric is more worred about his PR spin machine, than our safety.  Eric, you got no street cred, so forget about your spin machine saving your butte.  Prez B.O. seems confused about criticizing the NYC police acting stupidly about an empty car with explosives.  Here we go again, blaming another Muslim for terrorism!  We are …

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