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Muslim attacks invite cudgel Crusade

January 8, 2015

Centuries of battle and warfare against Muslim conquest of Europe and Asia never did end. We are not even bothering to pretend to battle the Muslim conquest of USA. We welcome diversity. Muslims have no diversity. Muslims behead Christians. Muslims kill and maim critics of their odd beliefs. France discovered that Sharia justice uses bullets against their citizens in Paris.

There are spontaneous demonstrations in France and through out Europe against Muslim attackers. We are waiting for President Obama to complain that Europe has no right to profile Muslim killers for protest. We know that worked real well for Boston when the bombs blew up too many Marathon celebrants. Our fearless leader lives in a dream world of his bong haze.

The start of the Crusades a thousand years ago is not well recorded. We can have accurate records on this Crusade that arises from the people of Europe. Cudgels, hand axes, and daggers are readily available to defend your freedom from Muslim conquest. If I protest to Muslims that they need to stop their terrorist members, it would be a waste of time. Evil doers will not find anyone offering mercy for their doomed path.

The leaders in Europe cannot ignore the people in the streets who have no patience with tolerance of Muslim violence. We need to honor the will of the people to drive out the evil doers who claim they are the true Muslim. Onward, Christian soldiers!

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

Europe fought 300 years failing to rid themselves of Muslims.

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