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It’s over! Chicago BEARS fire head coach

December 29, 2014

Born in Chicago, I grew up a BEARS fan. It was not until 1985 that I felt the elation of victories that meant something. The cast of characters, and they were real characters, combined with the coaches feuding between Iron Mike Ditka the head coach, and Buddy Ryan the defensive coach made the chili a lot spicier! We had fun, we had celebrations, and we had stories that endure to this day.

Ryan ridiculed and rode the ass of Samurai Mike Singletary. Mike was a devout Christian that Buddy said was too damn slow and too dumb to be a middle linebacker. Mike of course, was a crazy man on the field on a mission. Ryan and Ditka could not stand each other and ran Defense and Offense like 2 separate teams. Quarterback Jim McMahon knew there was only an “I” in Jim and didn’t worry about being a “team” player at all. He ridiculed league commissioner and wore goofy head band messages to infuriate the commercial NFL industry ruler Rozelle. Mike Ditka knew he had more of a circus than a tragedy to play out in 1985. Super Bowl victory is now a ancient memory for this BEARS fan.

The general manager Emery, and the head coach Trestman have not made any impression or added any chapter to the legacy of the “monsters of the Midway” of Poppa Bear Halas. They are fired and nobody will miss them or remember them. The next coach will not have a hard act to follow for an improvement. Emery has made quarterback Cutler wealthy beyond his meager accomplishments. Halas has to be spinning in his grave over the 100 million dollars Jay would collect if they keep him into 2015. Mike Ditka knew Halas threw nickels around like cast iron man hole covers.

I will return to the scene of this tragedy in 2015, hoping to find the magic of 1985 after the ruined 2014 season. Chicago had a team that was not the model of brotherly love, or role models for Boy Scouts either. They did the SuperBowl Shuffle video because they knew they would win the big game. They did!

Loser coach and GM of BEARS gone good riddance!

Loser coach and GM of BEARS gone good riddance!

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