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Smells of the season

December 23, 2014

The refreshing odor from a fir tree in the living room is a unique smell for Christmas. Decorated with ornaments and colorful lights it is a festive sight. The smells of Christmas add to enjoying memories.

Mom baked cookies in when I was a kid, and she would let me lick the mixing spoon when she was done. We anticipated enjoying those cookies on Christmas day. The smell of her baking a couple days before Christmas Eve was awesome.

There was a young Indian boy who played with our youngest son. He would time his visit close to supper meal time. “Boy, that sure smells good!” His mom was divorced and didn’t make a lot working, so she lived with mom across the road. He was not bashful on enjoying a meal with us. Of course he always got some of our meal to carry home.

Snow is on the ground and I haul in oak and cedar firewood to bring a warm holiday glow from the cast iron stove in the family room. The smell of cedar is not overpowering but a welcome scent. My wife loves to have candles glowing and she always includes a large scented candle in her holiday glow. The advent candles are glowing every night.

Coffee brewing on Christmas morning is essential for my wife. I enjoy the smell but I always drink tea. Merry Christmas from the north woods of Wisconsin! My coonhound howls every time she goes out in the woods and lifts her head to catch every scent in the breeze.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a smell makes a memory! Who cut the cheese?

Coon Hounds hunt bears, but Millie is a BEARS fan since I am.

Coon Hounds hunt bears, but Millie is a BEARS fan since I am.

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