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Protestor industry 2014 reaps bitter harvest

December 21, 2014

How does a criminal appoint himself as a executioner of New York police?  It has occurred to me that the hysterical public protest demonstrations in New York city with chants for “dead cops” has a definite connection.  The mayor of New York has fortified his mansion more at city expense, but has allowed anarchy to grow by turning a blind eye like “what problem with protestors?” Nobody intends or wants anybody to get killed, but inflaming emotional anger is lethal!

Two husbands gone with widows to see the year end with a funeral. At press conference on execution of 2 NYPD Saturday 12/20/2014 had police officers turn their back on the mayor of New York. The mayor has a private police guard with a newly fortified fence to protect him and his family. Protect him from the people of New York? He speaks out about equal rights and criticizes discrimination. Is he scared of his own residents of his city attacking his mansion?

The entrepreneur protestor on call for any extortion money by racial protest is “the reverend” AL Sharpton. He spun a tale that he was working undercover with authorities to stop drug dealing in New York. It seemed he was dealing as a small time criminal for a few dollars. Now he has found his calling. Stirring up hatred and inflaming mobs to riot is just a necessary way for him to make his money by donations to make him go away. Protection money to criminals is an old profession he has chosen. Do you want a mob marching own your street? Pay up, support the cause for freedom and justice defined by “the reverend”!

Weathermen targeting military and police for execution was Bill Ayers contribution to justice in USA. Black Panthers using force for “street justice” is honored in universities and Eric Holder’s office. The danger is that tolerating the concept of “street justice” leads to anarchy with vigilantes roaming the streets. Liberals of course know which are the proper causes to use violence and mayhem. Everything else is illegal and investigated by Eric Holder with teams of FBI.

The mayor of New York should go to Hawaii for a consultation with our fearless leader. He stepped into it and seems mystified why people are mad at him?

Christmas is a time to try to bring everyone to appreciate the promise of salvation from sin. I do not care about the mayor of New York, or the extortion industry of “the reverend”. Nobody will care or remember the agents of discord and anarchy. We will still honor Christmas long after I am gone.

Bombs are Bill's preferred method of killing.

Bombs are Bill’s preferred method of killing.

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